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 XMW Nation 9/19/14

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PostSubject: XMW Nation 9/19/14   Fri Sep 19, 2014 8:18 pm

(The camera cuts into the XMW Nation Command Center where Christi Byrd is shown standing in front of a big screen.)

Christi Byrd: Welcome everyone to XMW Nation. This is where we will keep you up to date on the latest events in Xtreme Mayhem Wrestling. Three days ago, Affliction General Manager Nick Angel announced his latest releases from the company and had some ominous words for the man he backed to defeat Liam Catterson at Destiny.

(A replay shows of Nick Angel threatening Samuel King.)

Christi Byrd: We tried to catch up with the former number one contender, but unfortunately he was not very talkative.

(Footage airs of a cameraman approaching Samuel King in an airport.)

Cameraman: Samuel! Samuel! What are your thoughts on Nick Angel's recent firings of your closest allies in XMW? Is it true that you have had a falling out with management?

Samuel King: Not now. When I got something to say... I'll say it.

(Samuel King walks away to board his plane as the camera cuts back to Christi Byrd.)

Christi Byrd: While Samuel King may not have had a lot to say, there is one man who always seems to have plenty... that is the XMW World Heavyweight Champion... Liam Catterson.

(The camera cuts to Liam Catterson on his private jet.)

Liam Catterson: No I'm not giving Samuel King a rematch. What do I look like a charity? I don't wrestle for these people who pay for the tickets and I sure as hell don't wrestle to give my opponents second chances. Or is it third chances? Or fourth? How many title shots has Samuel King had not even just in this company, but in others? He always comes up short. Time to move on.

(Liam Catterson thinks to himself.)

Liam Catterson: That's the problem though isn't it? How do you move on when you are the best in the business? There's really nobody for me to even face honestly. I came here on a mission to climb the XMW ladder and I did it in a flash. Only been here like a month and already done everything I can do. Oh I'll be a fighting champion surely... but somebody's going to have to step it up if they want a title shot. They are going to have to get my attention. Once I deem somebody worthy, then you will see another championship match. But until then, this title is staying right here around the waist of XMW's best. And there's nothing anyone can do about it.

(The camera cuts back to Christi Byrd.)

Christi Byrd: Well apparently Liam Catterson is refusing to put his XMW World Heavyweight Championship on the line in the near future. Will somebody be able to catch the champ's attention? If so who will it be?
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XMW Nation 9/19/14
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