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 Terry Chambers sign up

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Terry Chambers


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PostSubject: Terry Chambers sign up   Sun Sep 21, 2014 4:05 pm

Ring Name: The Barbaric Carnivore Terry Chambers

Hometown: Detroit, Michigan

Signature: Moonsault from the top rope, shooting star press

Moveset: Jackhammer, suplex, powerslam, powerbomb, clothesline, german suplexes, DDT, elbow drops, ankle lock, spear, low blow, cheapshots with weapons

Finisher: Skull Scraper (Brainbuster), T5 (F5), TERRYfying Justice (Brock Lock)

Height: 6'6

Alignment: Heel

Favorite Weapon: Barbed wire wrapped chair

Favorite Match Type: Extreme Rules

Weight: 287 pounds

Theme Song: "The Monster" by Eminem

Picture Base: Brock Lesnar

Brief Description of Gimmick: Terry Chambers is the mean guy in wrestling who lives the rich life and wrestling is his hobby, so is hurting people, he grew up watching and training and has the ability of a high flyer and a monster combined and is here in XMW to prove a point!
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Terry Chambers sign up
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