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 Wake up! -Part One

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Jasper Wake

Jasper Wake

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Wake up! -Part One Empty
PostSubject: Wake up! -Part One   Wake up! -Part One I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 23, 2014 8:50 pm

(Scene opens with a dark match during a live show in Albuquerque, New Mexico. You hear One Mic come over the PA as the four no names in the ring all stop fighting to look at the top of the ramp where they don't See Jasper Wake they see a strange man sitting in a chair with a cane in his hands. He points his hand to the curtain and then points at the ring. Jasper Wake explodes out from behind the curtain and runs down to the ring at full speed. The four men begin to attack Jasper until they get him cornered. The begin to get scared when he's not blocking the punches but slightly foaming at the mouth  and smiling. The four try to attack again but he pushes them out of the corner and hands out a devastating double spear to two of the competitors. He stands and one his him in the back with a chair. Jasper doesn't move but instead cracks his neck turns around tosses him off the ropes and lets loose a Superman punch to be rivaled by anyone. He stands up and looks at the last guy who is looking at the crowd who is egging him on to attack Jasper. He decides to listen to the fans, runs at Jasper and gets caught with the Wake up call. Jasper then stands over all the carnage left in the ring still slightly slobbering from the mouth staring into the camera yells DREW STEVENSON! DREW STEVENSON! By this time the mysterious man has made his way in the ring and and made his way over the pile of bodies littering the ring. He has a Mic in his hand.)

Volcano Rosso:
Good evening ladies and gentlemen I think I should introduce myself. My name is Volcano Rosso, former owner of UWO where this man, my friend Jasper Wake got his name really made. Now the problem I'm having is whoever this Drew Stevenson is. See I've being keeping up with things and going into Destiny he had some pretty harsh things to say about my friend here. So much so that my friend called me and couldn't even speak after that match. All he kept saying was Drew Stevenson. Now while I'm not the mouth piece I thought it should be known that I will be in this mans corner from now on to make sure that no one tries to...take advance of the situation anymore. The only bastard I feel sorry for is this Jay Striker fellow because the last time I saw him like this....he got arrested for battery.

(Jasper takes the mic and runs his hands thru his hair.)

Jasper Wake:
DREW STEVENSON, it doesn't matter to me who's in the way.( Jasper starts with a chuckle) I'm going to get my hands on you and SHOW YOU why I am the man. Jay Striker you....you are the unforutnate victim that is going to have no face of your own but of the man who stole form me! Jay for this week I will only see Drew and what I did to this jobbers is only the beginning of what I can do. I was told by Volcano to come of the chain and show which dog has the worst bite. DREW, JAY IT'S TIME TO WAKE UP WAKE UP AND LOOK AT THE WORLD AROUND YOU MAN, there is nothing but the smoke filling up your area going into your lungs and the man hiding in that smoke will be none other than yours truly. There won't be anywhere to run, they're won't be anywhere to hide, there won't be any surrender speeches, they're won't be anything else BLOOD AND GORE. But that's what it's about right? It's about who can inflict the most pain and who can get up from it. That's the name of the game right boys? Jay you where in the match and I really don't care what you call or consider yourself all you need to know is three words. Don't show up. If you do I want to personally let you know I will show you just how green I am. I didn't make that tribute to get cheers, in case you haven't noticed I don't give a damn about what people think, all I care about is doing what I have to do to be the man. Your pity stories and sob cries fall on def ears Jay. All I here is the sound of a dead man..well it won't be any fun to finish you off...maybe just leave you looking at the blood pouring from your head...

Jasper here makes a valid point there Jay. I've seen him tear his ACL and contiune a match and WIN. I have seen this man with a dislocated ankle win a world title so you bringing up injuries is just a way to scare that, that can not be scared. Look at this mans face does he look like hes scared....

(One of the jobbers got up and gave a double axe handle to Jasper that landed square between the shoulder blades. Jasper looked of pain at the moment and then turned to the little guy. The guy slide out of the ring and began to run around it. On one of his laps Volcano had gotten out of the ring and was standing there. The Jobber looked at Volcano who was buffing his cane. Volcano looked up at the guy and smiled. The guy turned to the left and received a spear that sent him thru the barricade. Volcano looked at though this was normal and continued to buff his cane. Jasper was picking him up like he had more in store but when he looked at Volcano he just shook his head mouthing no, no more. The two men make there way up the ramp where Volcano sits down Jasper stands right behind him and the crowd booos extra loud as the scene comes to a close.)
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Wake up! -Part One
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