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 XMW Xclusive Match Types

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Jacob Steele

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PostSubject: XMW Xclusive Match Types   Sat Jul 19, 2014 12:54 pm

Valley Of Death
Essentially this is a street fight. However with a few innovations. two sides of the ring are surrounded in steel cage, the other two sides have barbwire ropes, and the ring is filled and surrounded with weapons. However, before you can pin or submit your opponent you must make them bleed.

Cage of Mayhem
An Octogan style Hell in a cell cage with no roof with various weapons sorruending the ring, you can have it either with two teams with four guys on each team or have eight men against each other. Its under War Games rules meaning it starts with two guys and every five minutes, another guy enters. once everybody is in, first person to get a pin or submission wins.

Do Or Die
A Last Chance match, also called a Do or Die match, is a championship match where, if the challenger does not win the title, they are banned from challenging for it again as long as the winner of the same match holds it. Can be contested in any type of match.

Hard 10
It is contested on a points system, where the points are earned for the use of weapons. The first person to earn ten points—and be up by at least two points—wins. Regular strikes with a weapon are worth one point, while putting an opponent through a table is worth five.

Beat The Clock Challenge
Beat the Clock match is the name given to each match in a series of matches between different wrestlers to see which wrestler can win their match the fastest. These matches are typically held on the same night, and the fastest winner is typically awarded a title shot or other prize.

Hell From Above
It is basically a Hell In A Cell match, just with a twist. On top of the Cell, there are two ladders laid out. Above the Cell, 20 more feet in the air is where a Title or a Contract will be hanging. The man who succeeds in unlatching it will be announced the winner and will either be a Champion or will have a Contract of some sort. Just be careful not to fall off.

King of the Throne
Number of people to compete 40 (or less). 3 rounds. The match starts of with 40 people in the ring at the same time, the match will continue until the 20 people are left. The 20 men then compete in 5  Fatal 4 Ways until 5 men have won their match. (Also Loser can inferfere in the match to try and compete in the final Round). The 5 remaining winners then compete in a 5 Way match for a shot at any championship at the next ppv.

Ladder Wars
A number of people are in this match usually 6-10 and there happens to be ladders everywhere. But the catch is there is 2-3 contracts placed above the ring or any other special place it happens to be. This is common for contract matches or tag team matches. This is basically a battle royal that will be high risk and very fatal to your career but with many rewards.

A Triple Cage concept in which at the first level in the ring you must use a ladder to climb through a hole in the top. Then on the second level you must climb the Ultimate X style ropes to climb through another hole in the top. Once on the third level it is then first fall to a finish. All three levels have weapons on them.

Straight Cash
Our Money in the Bank in which the winner recieves a briefcase that guarentees him a championship match whenever they choose for up to a year.

Three Stages of Pain
Our version of Three Stages of Hell or 3 Degrees of Pain.

Rage in a Cage
6-8 Man Elimination Cage Match

*More To Be Added*
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XMW Xclusive Match Types
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