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 The Arrival

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PostSubject: The Arrival   The Arrival I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 20, 2014 5:53 pm

Upon leaving Jacob Steele's office, the door closes behind her as Carmen looks around.  Standing in her deep v-neck black top, dark wash skinny jeans, and high top red Converse shoes, Carmen's long dark wavy locks hung loosely around her shoulders as she looked through her long auburn bangs.  Staff and other members of the crew hustled around her as they completed dress rehearsals and set up the arena for future events.  This was the industry she loved and was happy to make XMW her home.  

Finding her locker was on the top of her priority list.  Securing her bag around her shoulder, Carmen walked down the hall and smiled politely to those along the way.  Some of them were warm and gracious, welcoming her to XMW and introducing themselves to her.  Others, however, looked at her with judgment in their gaze and barely reply when she introduces herself.  After dealing with an uncomfortable introduction, Carmen overheard the man's comment to his other fellow coworker.  "She's that psychopath from the indies.  Remember that wrestler that ruthlessly attacked her trainer?  She's the one."

Carmen turned around, facing the direction they had left in.  She shouted loud enough for most of the hallway to hear.  "I did not hurt him!  Everyone knows I was set up."  Carmen walked up to the male staff and held on to the collar of his shirt, shaking him with tears welling in her eyes.  "Do you hear me?  I was set up!  I would never harm another human being that ruthlessly.  You have to believe me!  You do believe me don't you?"  

Security rush over, separating her from the staff as the staff member and his fellow coworker rush off far away from Carmen.  She puts up her hands defensively, showing she is not a threat as the security officers back off.  "I'm sorry", Carmen mumbles quietly as she rushes off towards the women's locker, tears still stinging in her eyes.
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The Arrival
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