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 Promo #1: A-Will Tells it Like it is

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Promo #1: A-Will Tells it Like it is Empty
PostSubject: Promo #1: A-Will Tells it Like it is   Promo #1: A-Will Tells it Like it is I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 21, 2014 3:17 am

(A-Will, dressed in a leather jacket with an undershirt underneath, jeans, and black Nike shoes, is walking out of his house in Memphis, Tennessee, taking the luggage and locking the door. Before he locks the door, he looks to both his left and his right before pulling a gun out of the house and putting it into the luggage. After he locks the door, he turns around, he sees the camera man. With a shocked look on his face, he quickly looks at the luggage and looks back at the camera man and then proceeds to talk.)

You didn't see that, did you?

(The camera man shakes his head no.)

Good, and erase that part after you've recorded this, but listen up right now because I've got something to say, but nothing gets my thoughts out more than these two words: It's time. It's time for me to take my rightful spot at the top of a glorified company that is Xtreme Mayhem Wrestling. I've been in the ring before; everyone knows the name A-Will, but what they don't know is the man behind, but they will know the man behind the name, especially Samuel King. I can tell by your attitude and mediocre shticks you do in the ring that you call "wrestling" that your parents never gave you a true ass whipping you deserve because they were obviously too scared to even touch you, which I have no idea why since you are a puny little boy that faps to porn, hoping to get laid at some point in your sad, pathetic life, but no matter how many roses or poems you give women, they'll always see through your bullshit in and out of the ring. They can all say "don't judge a book by its cover", but in your case, the book is wide open and, word for word, it proves the tragedy of it being made. You were a mistake to begin with and, despite your horrific state of mind, you are always going to be a mistake that got erased by yours truly, A-Will. You boil down the true perception of this business and it's main requirement is what you, and everyone else in the XMW federation lacks and that is skill. You jump, you soar, and you live for air, but I stay grounded and focused on not letting you receive that kind of air. As a matter of fact, I'm not going to let your receive any kind of air at all because, when I lock you in the Crippler Crossface, I'm not letting go until you can no longer breathe, until your body becomes stiff, until your skin becomes pale. You may have taken this job as a way to meet up with women, but you have it all wrong. Women come here to see a fight, not to be in hopes of flirting. If they cmae here to see you, they will let you know sure of it at the autograph signings at the exits of the building. Besides that, all they, and I, will ever see you as is a helpless beggar that hopes and dreams of one day finding that special someone. Well, I don't know about you, but I found that special someone. Well, it's not even a someone, it's more of a something and its name is the XMW World Heavyweight Championship and it's sitting somewhere, waiting on the moment for it to be around my waist and it will because, you know why? Because I'm a true lethal grappler, I'm a true submission specialist and we hate idiots like you that think they can hang with the likes of us truly gifted, technically sound athletes, but the fact of the matter is you can't because you'd rather soar instead of taking charge, you'd rather attack with a weapon more than using your own god-given hands and "strength" that you're not gonna belittle me with. You're truly disgraceful to this business by using it as a trampoline to jump into the cloud of love, but I am in the way of it and I'm going to be the thing that turns that cloud into hell for you and reserve you a comfy spot right next to the devil. If your wrestling skills were as good as your sad attempts to look for love, then maybe, just maybe, you would get somewhere, but I would still outperform you, beat you, murder you, whatever you want to call it. Now, I'm the most honest man you'll ever meet, so trust me when I say this and make no mistake about it, when you get in the ring, you won't make it out. Not only due to my strength advantage, but also my mental advantage. You can try to make yourself feel better after you cry your eyes out by saying that strength doesn't matter, but then you'll show your dishonesty. You see, if you use it right, which I can then it damn sure matters. I don't say this because of my high level of competence, I say it because it's the truth and being able to stomp and being able to mutilate losers like you fuels me and, the more I get fueled, the more my dominance will never be stopped. I'm going to finish your XMW career before it even starts and, if I get my soiled my touching your faggoty ass dirty oil on your body, it'll be worth it to watch you fall and never get back up. Oh it's real.

(A-Will puts his sunglasses on and looks at the camera.)

It's damn real, jackass.

(A-Will steps to the side and the camera is pointing toward his locked front door and fades to black.)
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Promo #1: A-Will Tells it Like it is
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