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 Promo #1: Words of Wisdom (Trent and Chris Elite vs Stan & Spyder)

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Trent Richards

Trent Richards

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Promo #1: Words of Wisdom (Trent and Chris Elite vs Stan & Spyder) Empty
PostSubject: Promo #1: Words of Wisdom (Trent and Chris Elite vs Stan & Spyder)   Promo #1: Words of Wisdom (Trent and Chris Elite vs Stan & Spyder) I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 21, 2014 3:32 am

Ahh... it feels good to be back here in XMW, where I belong. XMW has been gone for the better half of almost 3 years now, and it's finally good to be sitting backstage in a lockerroom, with my name one it, with my bestfriend, and in the company I belong to call myself home to. But, I have an upcoming match with my good friend, and my long time bestfriend, my childhood best friend, my man.. Chris Elite, and we're taking on two other guys by the name of Stan Strong and Spyder_Pr0xy. But, the buzz going around the lockerroom is not about Spyder_Pr0xy, but instead, Stan Strong. Stan is projected to be a tough guy, a technical submission wrestler, and I admire him, and I respect his in-ring abilities, and I hope he can live up to his hype, but his words of wisdom are taking this lockerroom by storm. We got some familiar faces here in XMW, and then we picked up some new guys from the indies, and one of them happens to be Stan Strong, and he looks as if that he is going to make a big name for himself here in XMW, and to be brutally honest with you, I honestly hope this man does. I admire Stan Strong, and I have respect for this man, and that's a lot for someone like me to admit. I can't admit my admiration for most people, but Stan, I commend you, my good man. You come from about the same background as I.. we're both all-american wrestlers, coming from a college background, and then you moved onto the independent scene, wrestling night in and night out in arenas, and in backyards, and what not to make your ends meat for the week, and I did that to, so coming from a guy like you, and looking at your background, I can relate to who you are and what you stand for, so therefore, I commend you and I will give you my respect, but I demand it back. Furthurmore, you've impressed not only my good friend and myself, but you've made a great first impression in here so far, and it looks as though that you're going to be "the man to beat" in this match because everyone is talking about you, instead of Chris Elite and I. They're talking about how good of a wrestler you are, and how good you are, and all of that, I want to see how good you are for sure. I've seen some of your tapes, and quite honestly, you're good.. but you're not as good as me. I am the best wrestler in this company, bar none, and that's a big statement to make. I am the greatest wrestler this company has yet to see, and will ever see, and I shall prove that on a weekly basis, starting with the upcoming Affliction. Chris Elite and I, we have great chemistry. We've been partners before, and we've been friends ever since we've been born, and nothing will ever change. We know each other, and how well we can work in the ring together, although, sadly enough, we've never faced each other, but hopefully the time for that will come someday. But moving on, Stan, during Affliction, the worst for you will come. I am the Golden Boy of professional wrestling, and the Golden Boy of XMW, and I will beat you this Sunday, without a doubt in my mind, I know I've got this one in the bag. I'll see you on Sunday, in Chicago, Stan.
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Promo #1: Words of Wisdom (Trent and Chris Elite vs Stan & Spyder)
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