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 Promo #1: Boy, you don't know me

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Samuel King

Samuel King

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Promo #1: Boy, you don't know me Empty
PostSubject: Promo #1: Boy, you don't know me   Promo #1: Boy, you don't know me I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 21, 2014 3:48 pm

(Samuel King is sitting in a hot tub, with a glass of wine on the outer edge of the tub. He looks relaxed and there are oldie slow love songs playing in the background. When suddenly he gets a phone call and has to answer it.)

SK: Hey Mom!
Mom: Hello son how are you?
SK: I'm good just chillin in the house with a glass of win---- err I mean sitting in the hot tub With the A/C on so I don't die in this Summer heat.
Mom: Boy I heard you, don't make me come down there who do you think you are drinking wine.
SK: Bu- Mom, I'm a grown man, and it's legal.
Mom: Yeah well when you liver shuts down on you don't come crying to me. I should come down there and put you across my knee.
SK: I'm too old for whoopings.
Mom: Lemme put your daddy on the phone.
SK: No please don't, I got to go Mom bye.

I swear I'm a grown man and still she threatens to beat me, oh yea that's right, that reminds me of a fool who thinks he knows so much about my life, although he has yet to ever hear about me, talk to me, hear me speak, or watch me in the ring. I always think it is astonishing how much people think they know you from a small summarized bio on a website. He thinks just because he read about me on XMW.com he's got me all figured out. Some people just don't think they are capable of disrespect now do they. It makes me wonder if he even believes the things he came up with. I mean he was wearing a black leather jacket in the middle of Memphis, Tennessee. Did he make anyone else sweat or was it just me, what kind of idiot walks outside in any kind of jacket when they are in the south during the Summer. It's obvious this man has a couple screws loose and is a few fries short of a happy meal. I also that little bebe gun you put into your luggage it was cute but I'm from Stockton and in case you didn't see go ahead and google Stockton bank robbery and it'll show you how real it gets. Speaking of real you claim that you "tell it like it is." You said you keep it real, 100% truth huh? Well let me enlighten you kid, most of the things you said were all lies, now if you decide to stick around for this verbally abusive setting of why you are a complete dormitory idiot, and why you are going to get the sense knocked into you I will tell you how it really is.

Truth #1: We do all know you A-Will we've seen you in different companies, accomplishing different things, but what we haven't seen is me. See I got my start in a little small company that not too many people even knew about, so there is no sense of bringing it up, plus giving you that info might give you some insight to who I am and why would I release my advantage of being unknown to the likes of you.

Lie #1: I never received a beating before. I'm not going to lie not every match I've had has gone the way I would have hoped, okay let's be honest here. Seeing that honesty is important to a guy like you, the only beatings I have received is from my parents. They dance on the line of abuse a few times, but it definitely kept me out of trouble. I wish my parents were scared of me, but they always told me, "If the devil don't scare me what makes you think you can, who do you think you are God." Now I don't know about anyone else, but I am not arguing with that.

Truth #2: I'm an open book. This may be true, but you apparently lack the comprehensive skills to understand, analyze, and respond to what you read. A lot of people who claim to be a lover not a fighter, or as Stephon Urkel said in Family Matter, he will fight for the one he loves, but in my case I am just a little different. I am a lover and a fighter and I love to fight. Maybe someone lonely as yourself can't understand that seeing as the only woman you dare chance after is a gold plate bolted on a leather strap. I don't know, but if you ask me it sounds a little suspect. I mean there is nothing wrong with being gay, but the fact that you even brought up me being oiled up in the ring scares me a tad. Why would that image even come into your head, like I said nothing wrong with liking a cucumber up your ass, just let me know so I remember who I can and can't shower around. I never thought I would need this, but it might be time to invest in some soap on a rope.

Lie #2: Bruh look at me I am black, there is no way on God's green earth I will ever be able to turn pale. I knew you were mentally and academically challenged. Did you ever learn about melanin in school. Allow me to share some of my scientific intellect with your uncultured soul. See melanin is from the greek word mela meaning black or dark. Melanin is a chemical that is formed after exposure to UV radiation.This gives a darker pigment or color for you uneducated folks in hair, eyes, and skin. Black people such as myself were blessed with an abundance of natural melanin that protects us from getting sunburn, skin cancer, and walking around pale as a ghost. So even if you somehow were lucky enough to lock in that crossface I would most likely turn blue or purple from lack of air, but definitely would never get pale. Some may think I am being petty for bringing up such an argument, but I believe anytime you have the ability to help someone you should do it.

Lie #3: I couldn't have joined this company to join women, because if that was the case my first opportunity to speak wouldn't to be to address a moron like yourself it would be for a petition to get some more women in this company in the first place, because other than you who lack the testicles to call yourself a man I only see Cameron Diez contracted to be here. I stepped in this company to be the best just like anyone else. Getting some well deserved attention from the opposite sex is just a bonus, but as we discussed earlier you wouldn't know anything about that.

Lie #4: You think you are going to keep me grounded don't you. You think that somehow, somewhere, or another my feet are going to remain permanently glued to the ring's floor. I don't really have an issue with that. If you want to get technical we can get technical, because there is this strong feeling in my gut, in the core of my being that thinks when I beat you, if I don't out wrestle you, you are going to find someway to turn it around and keep your dignity. My plan is to strip that all away from you, my plan is to beat you and everyone else in this company at their own game and then once I've done that and claimed the XMW World Heavyweight Championship, then I am going to show everyone else just how deadly I can be.

My name is Samuel King, and remember women are God's precious gift to man. I am God's precious gift back to them. However, I am your gift to wrestling.

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Promo #1: Boy, you don't know me
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