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 The Future Face of XMW Arrives

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Matthias Raven

Matthias Raven

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The Future Face of XMW Arrives Empty
PostSubject: The Future Face of XMW Arrives   The Future Face of XMW Arrives I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 21, 2014 8:21 pm

[A man in a black suit is seen backstage with a joyful countenance ]

Usually when people come out here for the first time they introduce themselves, but I am afraid I am about to break the monotony. I don't require an introduction because all of you know me perfectly well. You're aware of my reputation, you have witnessed me excel throughout the years as a professional wrestler. I've conquered several different companies in the world and despite the fact my previous tenure as an XMW superstar was a successful one I feel unaccomplished in a way. I feel unaccomplished because although I broke many records and reached many milestones I never got to hold the XMW World Heavyweight Championship. The most illustrious piece of gold in this company. There's a lot of things I regret in my life, but never holding the XMW World Championship won't be one. Especially now that XMW is back in business, a new door has opened for me. For some of you having a good reputation is the ultimate, but not for me. Entrenching a good name on the sands of time doesn't concern me right now. I'm solely concentrated on becoming world champion, THAT is what truly concerns me currently. Most of you know me as a man of honor... Well, I hate to break it to you but people change. I changed to survive. I experienced a metamorphosis, I evolved. The man you used to know me as is dead and gone. If I remained who I used to be I wouldn't have a shot at survival in this new era. Seemingly nowadays only those who evolve, those who adapt survive, the other ones perish. I have witnessed the downfall of many men and women, I have witnessed the rise of many men and women. I've been in this industry long enough to comprehend that you have to greedy and avaricious because that is just how everyone else is. Nobody will show mercy for you or be compassionate towards you. They will do whatever they have to do WILLINGLY to insure their acquisition of wealth. You have to be just like them if you want to achieve success here and go down in history as one of the greatest. Thing is I am similar to my competition in some aspects, but I transcend my competition in terms of in-ring ability. I'm not going to say I am the best in the world because let's face it that is a label I have more than lived up to. I'm better than the best and I am going to prove it on Affliction when I team up with Kale Mercer to face TLA and Matt Miles. I know TLA better then he knows himself meaning I got nothing to worry about, I got nothing to be preoccupied about because I know what his Achilles heel is. I know his dreams and most importantly I know his nightmares. TLA parades himself as a megastar, a professional wrestler of high caliber, but the truth is he is a joke and come Affliction I will expose him as the joke he is. Matt Miles is a failure, a bust, whatever you want to call it. He has been given numerous opportunities, opportunities he always fails to capitalize on. Matt, on Affliction you will enter the ring with the future face of XMW. Yet another opportunity is in your hands, don't let it slip. Don't fail to seize the moment because if you ultimately do fail you could very well never receive another opportunity as monumental as the one you have right now. Make a statement on Affliction, prove me that you are not a joke, that you are better than I think you are, give me a legitimate challenge because we both know TLA won't be able to provide me one. Many tribulations, many hardships have manifested throughout the course of my career, but I always find a way to seize the moment and overcome them. Seemingly, the odds are stacked against me as usual. Seemingly, I am all alone because Kale Mercer is.. I don't have the slightest idea who Kale Mercer is. I don't know what he can do in that ring so this is a battle I will be practically fighting by myself. TLA and Matt Miles could possibly win the battle, but I always win the war and I ALWAYS get the last laugh.

[Camera fades to black]
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The Future Face of XMW Arrives
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