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 The Big Dawgs Are Here!

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PostSubject: The Big Dawgs Are Here!   The Big Dawgs Are Here! I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 21, 2014 8:40 pm

(TLA is shown jamming to Kanye West.)

TLA: No one man should have all that power. Yo it's yo dawg TLA comin' straight at all y'all haters from Xtreme Mayhem Wrestling. That's right you heard it first, TLA has picked up, moved shop, and the asskicking machine is back doin' what he been programmed to do. Get ready XMW TLA is here and he's takin' y'all down by storm. But he can't do it alone. The Packmastah gotta have a Pack and when you got a Pack you got the peepz enough to do anythang you want. Cuz that's how TLA rolls. I do what I want when I want. Wait what's that you say? Some of y'all don't know me? Well then allow me to introduce myself...

(TLA turns off the music.)

TLA: First thing you gotta know about TLA, is that y'all know nothin' 'bout TLA. I am the original Dog of War of wrestling. I got many imitators never had a duplicate cuz they just can't see me to get it right. You wanna doubt my rep? Fine then y'all can ask my enforcer.

(TLA whistles as Steroid Dawg hustles up to him.)

TLA: This mah dawg right here. She's a big dawg you see. I love my dawg. We been together for what four years now? Shit I been houndin' out to the haters for years now 'n' Steroid Dawg is still beastin' 'n' feastin' on that white meat. White boiz beware or you gonna get the fangs of justice all up in yo pasty ass skin.

(Steroid Dawg bares the fangs of justice.)

TLA: I'm the Franchise cuz XMW ain't got no one better. I'm comin' at everyone don't matter if you good, don't matter if you bad, you gettin' came at. You gettin' dropped with the Miami quickness like fuckin' that. What you gonna do when you can't even see it comin'? You ain't gonna do shit cuz I got them ninja skills you ain't even seen before. Mystery 'n' domination that's how I roll. Cuz I'm a real barbarian up in here. Doin' mah shit Genghis Khan style I roll with that horde takin' shit over. How far it gonna spread before y'all stop me? We gonna see. I'm rippin' them trophies off yo neck puttin' that shit up in my Palace 'n' poppin' mollies to sweat cuz I just can't seem to sweat yo swag. Cuz you ain't got none if you ain't figured it out. I is the Alpha Hound, you just Beta league. You don't know what I'm all about. I'm that Chaotic Canine, lovin' up the drama, spreadin' the wave, plantin' the seed, till all y'all just get fucked up by the storm. Cuz I'm a storm fuckin' rider, and I'm ridin' this shit to the top blastin' and laughin', feastin' and beastin', killin' and chillin'. Cuz what you even gonna do lil hoppas when the Hottest Wrestler Out is in the ring with you? What you gonna do when TLA and Matt Miles come to fuck you up Kale Mercer and Adrian Thorne? I have no fucking idea who my opponents are or who my partners are, all I know is that under the starry sky of the arena lights TLA is makin' his XMW debut. And the gods of the universe will look down upon us and judge who is worthy. They will judge who is the king of this ring and as men we must do war to please them. And trust me it's gonna be a war, it's gonna be a long ass war if y'all can keep it up. This the first Affliction main event, this BIG TIME, BIG LEAGUE, BIG DAWGS. I go big or don't go at all, y'all better bring it cuz trust me yo boi TLA is comin' at you with the electricity of the two million strong straight outta Chicago!!!

(TLA turns the music back up as Steroid Dawg departs into the shadows.)

TLA: The Pack is moving... Beast stronger. Feast longer.

(TLA follows Steroid Dawg as the camera fades to black.)
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The Big Dawgs Are Here!
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