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 Road To Destiny 2014

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Jay Striker


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PostSubject: Road To Destiny 2014   Sun Sep 07, 2014 8:39 pm

(XMW Logo Flashes)

(We cut to Affliction, 5 minutes after the broadcast had ended. The camera heads backstage at the Toyota Center as a huge commotion is going on. It's a big mess with brawling all over the place, the set destroyed and agents rushing toward the chaos)


Chris Walker: Nobody wants to wait for Destiny, what did you expect? This is XMW, where real men come to fight, anything and everything can happen!

(Crow is getting choked out with his own bat, turning red in the face. His face paint has started to chip away and is soon covered up by blood. Mean while Thomas Minns and Alioth are getting into a shoving match of sorts. Thomas delivers a slap to Alioth's face only to get pushed to the ground and pounded away at.)

Vincent Price: Things are breaking down here, we have stuff going on in the parking lot, in the locker rooms, even in the ring right now!

(Samuel and Liam are trading shots up the ramp but Liam soon gets the upperhand, kneeing him in the gut and then taking him out with a belt shot to the face, sending him down the stairs and into backstage. Liam smirks and walks down the stairs to follow him but the action isn't over at ringside. Vic Vendetta sends a bloody TLA repeatedly into a concrete wall in the crowd. TLA is slammed into one last time and slowly slides down, blood smearing onto it.)

Chris Walker: TLA is not looking good right now, he took a hell of a beating during that six man tag, that fall through the table could have damn near broke his back, there's no way he can fight back.

Vincent Price: This is just brutal and now look, TLA is getting his T-Shirt ripped off!

(Vic boots an innocent fan right in the face and begins pulling the belt off him. He rips it straight out and whips TLA's exposed back repeatedly.)

Vincent Price: This isn't a fight this is a slaughter, C5 Ion is trying to join the battle but Trent Richards just trapped him between two barricades!

Chris Walker: This is smart work by Vic and Trent, you got to give the devil his due!

(Trent pulls out a chair and smashes it over the defenseless C5 Ion's head! It's not over though, TLA throws a cup of beer into the face of Vic, gets to his feet and does a double leg takedown, trying to tear at the man's eyes!)

Vincent Price: TLA is like a pitbull!

Chris Walker: Yeah, a pitbull that needs to be put down, come on Vic!

Vincent Price: Wait, holy crap, there's more action still going on!

(Ignitex is being loaded up into the car by police in the parking lot when an Ambulance rolls by. The driver opens the door and it's revealed to be A-Will. Covered in bruises and limping, A-Will lunges for the handcuffed Ignitex, knocking down the officers!)

Chris Walker: This kid is like a freaking cockroach, does he ever just die!

Vincent Price: A-Will is resilent, he won't stop until he can get his vengeance on Ignitex, he's running on pure adreanaline!

Chris Walker: Well that's about to bite him the ass, YES, Ignitex just broke the handcuffs, the cockroach is about to get stomped out, finish the job Ignitex!

Vincent Price: Fists are flying right now, I have no idea what's going on right now!

Ignitex: When will you learn to stay down!?

(Ignitex uses one hand to choke and the other to punch but he is seperated soon after. A Will grabs ahold of a taser and fries the chest of Ignitex before the police come to and restrain them both.)

Vincent Price: This is just too much action to follow, C5 hit a suicide dive at ringside just now, im hearing Ultimate Destroyer and Tornado are going at it in the boiler room and look at what's going on at our refreshments area!

(The debuting Garrison Grey attacked Jasper Wake from behind and attempted to squish the mans head between the door but the strength of Jasper manages to push it away and elbow Garrison right in the face. Jay Striker and Drew Stevenson are fighting in the room as well but not for long. Drew tosses Jay right across the table and onto the ground while Jay's manager Will carelessly eats in the background.)

Will: This is some good stuff.....

(TLA is choking Vic out with his own shirt and we get a split screen of Kale Mercer being laid out against a car.)

Chris Walker: Hahahaha, Adrian Thorn really did a number on him!

Vincent Price: There's no denying that...wait a minute, the hell is Adrian doing?

(Adrian Thorn gets in a car and starts the engine. He drives toward Kale at full speed, planning to run him over.)


Chris Walker: Adrian's about to take this guy out forever, this has gone from pure hatred to the need to hurt, to the need to put on the shelve, to the need to KILL their opponent!

Vincent Price: Oh thank god!

(Kale jumps out of the way as Adrian runs straight into a car. The shaken Adrian stumbles out.)

Liam Catterson: What the hell did you do to my car!?

(Liam drops the beaten Samuel to the floor and clotheslines Adrian only for Samuel to get back up and deliver a trash can shot to the head.)

Vincent Price: This isn't enemies fighting enemies anymore now, this thing has turned into every man for himself!

Chris Walker: Jesus Christ...what the hell is that idiot doing?

(Tornado is standing on top of a stack of containers, looking over the sea of humanity that is brawling before him. He does a battle cry of some sorts before taking that leap of fate onto everybody.)

Vincent Price: HOLY *BLEEP*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Fans start spilling from the crowd and start heading to the back to look at the action.)

Crowd: Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit!

(Sirens begin to blare.)

Vincent Price: Here come the police yet again, it looks like this brawl is over!

Chris Walker: Hopefully that clown Tornado gets deported after he's in the slammer!

Vincent Price: Hopefully they take you with him. This was a crazy evening, I'm just shocked right now...

(We see multiple superstars cuffed and loaded up as the screen fades and fades back in to Chris Walker and Vincent Price in a news room of some sorts.)

Vincent Price: I am just lost for words....that had to be one of the most jaw dropping nights in XMW history, I can't believe the police had to be brought in not once but twice!

Chris Walker: I bet Nick Angel wasn't happy having to open up his check book like that to cover bail!

Vincent Price: You can bet that, Nick was furious following the event and from what I hear security is going to be on hand heavily come Destiny.

Chris Walker: Great call, we don't need thugs like TLA and A Will getting us in trouble with the law again.

Vincent: Oh enough, they were involved just as much as anyone else. Speaking of A Will though we managed to get an interview with him just yesterday and we also got interviews from several others including a sit-down interview between Liam Catterson and Samuel King, that's all next on the XMW Road to Destiny Special!


(A Samuel King Axe Commercial airs)

(We cut to a stage set up with A Will sitting casually in a chair next to Max King.)

Max King: Max King here standing by next to Antonio Williams, a fourth of our XMW Uncensored Championship Hell From Above fatal four way. Now, Antonio, just a few days ago you were beaten in a manner we have never seen you beaten not only in XMW but you're entire career, yet here you are unphased. Tell us, do you not fear Ignitex?

A Will: Pfft...listen Max, where I grew up I saw the trashiest scum of the earth, people were doing drive bys, gang beatdowns, stealing *bleep*, even murders. You know as well as I do that adversity is the thing that has turned me into what I am today. Ignitex hurt me but he didn't kill me, and as long as I still have a beating heart and my two fists ain't nothing going to make me back down. Ignitex you think you're hardcore?

(Antonio Williams spits on the floor.)

A Will: Son, anybody can fall through glass or throw some people into thumbtacks. And any punk ass can jump another dude from behind, even a Mcdouble eating, Michael Meyers looking motherfucker like you. Me, on the other hand am a guy who goes through technical wars in that ring. A guy who makes the simple act of a crossface look brutal, a guy who will get his ass kicked and while he's laying in the hospital, still get up and fight! That's hardcore and that's what I do! Now as for the other guys in that match they are nothing more than non factors, Isaac is the cheap dollar store knockoff version of me and any idiot dumb enough to change his name to Michael Jordan probably doesn't know a spear from a head lock. I'm going into this match to make a statement. I'm going into this match to tell people not to be afraid and let some masked Stay Puft run their career. I'm going in to this match to win...and nobody is going to stop me.

(A Will walks away looking as serious as ever.)

Max King: Strong words by The Cerebral Submissionist, can David over come Goliath? Maybe Isaac and Michael Jordan might take advantage of their tunnel vision. I guess we'll just have to wait and see this Friday for Destiny.

(We cut back to the news room with Chris Walker and Vincent arguing yet again.)

Chris Walker: Why the hell would you invite them to come to our room!?

Vincent Price: They're harmless, calm down!

(The door is kicked open and a sharply dressed C5 Ion joins them. TLA follows his partner. TLA looks as you expect he would. Bandana draped over his forehead, a wifebeater on and downing a Fourty before he even makes it to his chair.)

TLA: Yo, the future of tag team wrassling is right here in this piece!

Chris Walker: More like the end of times....

TLA: What you say?

Chris Walker: Nothing, nothing.

TLA: That's what I thought boy.

C5 Ion: We aren't here to do any fighting, we're here for one reason: to address Trent Richards and Vic Vendetta. The fact that what should have been a big monent for us was now tainted due to what's around Trent's waist quite frankly eats away at me. We all saw what happened on Affliction, me and TLA were better by leaps and bounds, there is magic when the two of us are in that ring together, Vincent, we are the very definition of Hybrid champions, the best high flyer in the business and the best fighter in the business, Trent and Vic like to talk and talk and talk but when it's time to get down and dirty they don't have enough in the tank to keep up with us!

TLA: Damn straight C5, this isn't any ego, this is fact, when it comes to teams, we are the best thang going today! Vic, Trent you two little nancy boys wouldn't last a day in the hood, if you want to be a champion you need to be alert at all times, you need to be on that hustle! You don't beat a team like us, you survive and you two are no survivors. Destiny is a fitting title because from the moment this fed opened all four of us have been involved with each other and finally this *bleep* ends Friday, mark that date on your calendars, your asses are mine come the 12th!

C5 Ion: It's training time, let's go.

TLA: Right, but before I go I want to say shout out to my homies Chris and Vincent.

(TLA pats the two announcers on the back before leaving.)

Vincent Price: See, I told you he isn't that bad of a guy!

Chris Walker: Fine I'll admit it......wait. Where's my wallet? GET BACK WITH MY WALLET YOU BASTARD!!!

Vincent Price: Hehehe, like I said, not to bad of a guy.

Chris Walker: Ugh I swear if he came back to this room I'd tear his head off!

Vincent Price: I'd love to see that, but moving on we have a big number one contenders battle royal for the right to face The Uncensored Champion. We talked to the men in the match and here is what they said.

(We see an interview room, switching between the battle royal contestants over the course of the video package)

James Seymour: I'm tired of being stagnant, it's about time I get the ball rolling.....

Garrison Grey: Becoming the number one contender in my first match isn't even something I'm worried about I know it's going to happen, I'm a careless, vindictive, barbaric talent who will link the blood from the wounds of his enemy.

Jay Striker: There may be six wresters but there is only one Jay Striker. I'm the guy who will go that extra mile...or ten. Nobody else deserves it. James Seymour isn't relevant and Tornado is obviously a very exception individual. I don't even know who the hell Drew Stevenson is and when it comes down to Jasper The Friendly Ghost the guy is a caveman. He's a big brute, but you know who else was a big brute? Terry Chambers and I beat him in eleven seconds. Garrison Grey? It's his first match, the guy is green as goose *bleep*!

Jasper Wake:........There's no obstacle that I won't overcome.

Tornado: I promise all of my fans I will try my best for this, I'm doing this for all the little kids with their Tornado masks and my familia back home who want to see a real luchador succeed. Destiny is going to be my night mi amigos!

Drew Stevenson: New or not I still have as good a chance as anyone else, I mean there are so many factors going into this thing....

(We hear any echoed whisper "Extra life....")

Jasper Wake: Who needs an Extra Life when they're already dead in the water?

James Seymour: BS advantage or not I'm walking away with that title shot!

Jay Striker: Awww, did this advantage upset anybody? Keep hating, it's not like I need it anyway. Nobody is throwing me out as long as that drive is in me.

Tornado: That drive to walk away as a winner!

Drew Stevenson: That drive to be the best...

Garrison Grey: The hunger for that....

All: Gold.

(The camera slowly pans over the XMW Uncensored Championship belt. We see a montage of workouts of all six men before one last shot of all six men.)

Vincent Price: Wow, what a line up we have for that match, Destiny is looking to be the best wrestling event of the year, look at the undercard, Kale Mercer vs Adrian Thorn, the battle royal, Yasuo vs Crow and we even have a few surprised regarding our roster.

Chris Walker: Yup, some fresh meat will be introduced to be fed to the wolves and we'll hear all about it this Friday!

Vincent Price: This has been a very informative show but before we cut to a close we have the sitdown interview between Liam Catterson and Samuel King!

(We're back on the set with Max King sitting between a brooding Liam Catterson and a relaxed Samuel King, who has two ladies by his side giving him a massage.)

Max King: Alright-

Liam Catterson: Get out before you get hurt.

Max King......

(Max dashes out leaving the two Destiny opponents in the room on their own. Samuel sits up and takes his glasses off.)

Samuel King: Well aren't you in a good.

Liam Catterson: Cut the crap. Samuel, you're wasting my Friday Night. I beat you from pillar to post to get this title, you proved that you do not deserve the XMW World Championship yet here you are getting another chance on Pay Per View no less.

Samuel King: Woah, woah, woah. Liam, I gave you a run for your money, there's no denying it. There's also no denying that out of everyone in the roster I'm the only one who can stand up to you. I've seen you, I know you're agenda. Grab a company by it's throat and dominate the scene. It isn't happening this time, I'm not going to just be some name on a list of fallen heroes, I'm stopping your reign before it starts.

Liam: You think you can stop me? You truly are a fool. Someone like you, someone who spends his time womanizing and trying to please the crowd is nothing more but an attraction. I am the main event, not a part of it, I am the whole damn thing, you Samuel are nothing more but false hope. I have turned this company into my kingdom and the throne's just too big for you to take it. Many men have tried to be the guy who finally puts me in my place but here I am. Still winning titles and still racking up wins. It doesn't matter what company, date or show it is the result will always be the same, my victim on their back in defeat and me standing tall!

Samuel King: You'll be standing tall alright....just until I take you off your feet. You say the throne is too big for me? Well, like I always say, I'm not just Samuel, I'm king! You are just keeping my spot warm Liam, the size of the throne doesn't matter it just means more room for these ladies.

Liam Catterson: Hahaha, you are delusional.

Samuel King: You keep thinking that Liam...you keep thinking that.

(The two stare each other down before we head back to the news room.)

Vincent Price: That's all the time we have left folks, thank you for watching this Road to Destiny Special!

Chris Walker: Be here Friday night for Destiny, live 8pm Eastern only on PPV!

(XMW Logo Buzzes.)
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Road To Destiny 2014
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