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 It's Destiny- Part One

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Jasper Wake

Jasper Wake

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It's Destiny- Part One Empty
PostSubject: It's Destiny- Part One   It's Destiny- Part One I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 26, 2014 8:37 pm

(Scene opens with Jasper Staring at a T.V screen where you see Nick Angel about to make his epic announcement.)

Nick Angel: In other news, I have some other matches to announce. The Uncensored Championship Series will conclude with A-Will vs. Isaac Hunter vs. Michael Jordan following the abrupt departure of Ignitex from XMW.

Vincent Price: Wait what... Why is Ignitex leaving XMW? He was the frontrunner in that tournament...


Nick Angel: But you see I feel that this championship series has excluded many people who may be just as deserving of a title shot, if not more so than those three. Therefore, we will have a number 1 contender's battle royal at Destiny to decide who will face the Uncensored Champion after Destiny. So far, I can confirm five wrestlers who will compete in that battle royal... They are as follows...







When I look at this screen and I have been for the last hour replaying it over and over again thinking about the looks I got in the locker room as I walked by, just beating 3 men earlier in the night and now to be awarded for my display. I would like to thank....no one. I know what my talents are and I know where they are going to lead me and until Destiny I will prove on affliction that I am the man. It's sad really, it's sad that as I came out to the ring I felt the fear of these men boos filling the arena giving me the strength to shut everyone up as I came out of my first match on top. But I already told you that I like when the odds are stacked against me. Now I could stand here and spew hot garbage about what I'm going to do and how I'm going to do it but that's not my style I want to tell you a little story.

About 7 years ago I really began to wrestle hard. After all the crap I went thru with my so called family I began to just take out my anger wherever it was and some times wasn't warranted. I picked up a Singapore cane and I whacked him...it felt great so I hit him again and again and again until the ref had no choice but to stop the match because he stopped moving. I felt no remorse. I looked up and the World Wrestling Association banned me from wrestling in America for 3 years. I came back and was worst than before and I promise anyone looking at this right now I'm at the worst it's ever been right now. ANYONE in my way will be punished accordingly and if your one of these rule lovers who thinks that I am too much, one your right, two bite me. Now that's out of the way let me get back to what's going to happen.

I'm going to continue my ways until Destiny. I may not win but you will never forget you where in the ring with me. And when destiny comes around ohhh boy, you boys better have your big boy pants on and right tight because I'm not stopping until you can't move without the help of an ambulance or the morgue depends on my mood. Just think about that until Destiny.

(Scene goes Dark with Jasper replaying the announcement.)
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It's Destiny- Part One
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