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 Promo #5: P.U.R.E

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Promo #5: P.U.R.E Empty
PostSubject: Promo #5: P.U.R.E   Promo #5: P.U.R.E I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 03, 2014 12:21 am

*A-Will, dressed in shorts, an undershirt, sunglasses, and jogging shoes, is finished with his morning jogging and stops in front of the hotel he's staying in for the weekend, the Courtyard Ann Arbor Hotel. He is aware that the camera is following him. He rubs the sweat off his face and body while 3 hot Mexican girls in bikini's are looking at him and smiling. He hears giggles, looks around, and sees the girls in bikini. He turns, looks at the camera, throws his eyebrows up twice at the camera. He goes toward the ladies until he's stopped by the camera man, whom hands him a card.*

A-Will: Are you serious? Out of all the days to waste his time, this dumb ass picks last night? Leave the camera on so I can flame this dude.

*The camera man saves the video, puts another tape in, and rolls the camera.*

Is it me or is XMW filled with boys that have a problem with being themselves? That right there is just sad. To think that, just after you proved your diligence in this industry and someone always wants to be the antagonist for the fun of it, is just mind-blowing, isn't it? I get it, you want to be different, but god damn, you need rethink how to be different. I'm talking to you, Isaac. Who in the hell do you think you are, talking about where I came from and the way I talk. Quite honestly, I'm glad you care more about my personal life and personality than my in-ring work because it gives me an open shot to knock some sense into your head and, when I'm open, you're getting fucked up. Why are you like this? Why are you trying so hard to be separated from the pact? You can fool anyone, especially me. I know this isn't your state of mind. When it comes down to it, your verbal game and in-ring game are up to par with mine. Hmmm, your verbal game, let's talk about it, shall we? It seems like everyone I face has a thesaurus next to them, ready to burst open the fanciest word they can find. Tell me, what's your word of the day, mine is win. I'm a simple guy making it to the top of this industry. I'm not trying to be different like you. When the cards are on the table, I AM DIFFERENT! My language, while you dub it as a teenager's language, is far more spectacular than yours. Sure, I don't use fancy words, I don't go bash my head in with a brick either. I'm pure. That means, what you see is what you get. There is no fancy name for me like there is for an Ignitex or a C5 Ion and there isn't a fancy way for me to showcase my ability because it is fancy by default when I show it off like I'm going to on Affliction. I find no around this, and you are witnessing it first-hand, I tell the straightforward truth. I could just sit there, soaked in depression like you, and say, with no confidence, I'm going to win, but I say it because I damn sure believe it to be a fact. Everything I say in these videos, I say it with as much determination as I can have. Speaking of which, have you been spying on me? If not, I'd say it's creepy since I laughed during the time the camera was off, queer. I wouldn't be surprised if you were peeking at me in the shower with the way you talk. You can call yourself an alpha, but you know damn well that I am bigger, better, and smarter than you. Your body language screams at me inferiority. Unlike you, I fight, not only for the gold, but also the bragging rights and I'm not going to sit here and just ignore the championship belt because it's an object that people want. I could explain to you why people want it and how that's the fun in it, but I'm sure there's too much wax in your ear and ignorance in your mind for you to comprehend it. It doesn't matter, though, since this so called tournament is just a stepping stone for me to get to the Uncensored championship and, tomorrow night, I get one step closer to reaching that pinnacle. Go ahead, try to stop me by bashing my head in, if you want to get trapped in the Crossface. If you do, it'll be your deathwish, as well as your buddy, Stan Strong.

Stan, if you had the passion for this business, I don't see why you left to be a fire fighter. You should have stayed gone and, now that you're back, I'm afraid this will be too much of a fire for you to put out. You may have been an a wrestler in college and so was I, but the difference between me and you is that I am a former NCAA Wrestling Division champion. I'm pretty sure you were only, what would they say in basketball, a bench warmer. No one needs you here and kissing up to the fans by telling the children "I once saved your parents from dying in a fire." That wouldn't make you a hero in the kid's eyes. Instead, you would give them nightmares about what if their parents actually died. That's not the definition of a hero. Wait, I get it now. You can survive on wrestling ability, so you became a fire fighter to get on everyone's good side. I'd hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that doesn't get you squat in this industry. What you do in the ring does and, for you, that's not a lot. Both, you and Isaac, got cheap wins on Affliction last week and think you're the shit. Well, that's not the way I do things. Tomorrow night, I know I'm going to war, but I know I'm also the answer to who's walking out of the battle and the war. Oh, it's real, it's damn real!

*The camera man shuts the camera off. A-Will goes to the ladies that were staring at him and take them to his hotel room to do the nasty-nasty if you know what that means.*
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Promo #5: P.U.R.E
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