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 Promo #4.2: Idiots..... idiots everywhere

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Samuel King

Samuel King

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Promo #4.2: Idiots..... idiots everywhere Empty
PostSubject: Promo #4.2: Idiots..... idiots everywhere   Promo #4.2: Idiots..... idiots everywhere I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 15, 2014 1:48 pm

It's good to know that I am facing an intelligent opponent and not a nut job who pays money to hate on someone else success. You and I have something in common neither of us care to pander to these people we just do what is best for us. However, women do love the hero and as far as I can see these people hate you a whole lot more than they hate me. They hate me for what I have, they hate you for what you've done in the past. You think I am going to allow myself to disappoint all these women in the world, by having a less than qualified man as the champ. It's funny for you to say I have no clue, because that's just the reason that I am going to come out on top. The way I operate is that when I'm not sure about something I don't just rush into anything. I take my time and make sure that I don't make unnecessary mistakes.
Immaturity? You called me immature, but you never actually told me what I being immature about. You can't even explain your reasoning. You have no facts to your claim, just mystery fairytale accusations. You don't even realize your own problem, "the anti-Catterson train"? I don't give two pigeons about your train whatever the hell that means. There is no special hate towards you than any other man put in my path. It's astonishing how one man can think so highly of himself that he thinks he is more important the title he is fighting for. That title doesn't need you to gain prestige, you need the title to remain relevant and important. You don't feel accomplished unless you have a leather strap with a gold plate around your waist. Well if it is that important, go be like these fans and by you a title at XMW.com and move on with your life.

Just for the record I already explain how you remained champ in that company, because you had a band of foolish hired goons who thought you gave a rats ass about them or their career. You were the longest champ because of your circumstances, not because of your reality, because in reality there were a number of guys who should have, could have, and would have it if was not for the help you hired. It really surprises me how you could throw out false opinions about my immense vocabulary and superlative sentence structure and compare that to a man who only knows that of what he learns for the moment on an online screen. My intelligence comes from a superior genetic code in my family and a lifestyle that refused to allow me to fall below the extraordinary code of conduct that had been put forth before me. Now allow me to break that down to dummy terms. I am smart because I was born that way and my parents didn't accept anything but the best from me. Catterson I was just born better, it's plain and simple, but for a guy like you I see you don't understand the abstract or the straight-foward. How could you think I aided the help of google, when you don't see a laptop, tablet, or phone to be able to look up words on the fly. These words are just apart of my everyday speech. I don't research my words, nor do I think and memorize what to say before they leave me lips. What you hear is my first mind. Calling me self-centered is the pot calling the kettle black, but the difference between our two models is that I know I am cocky, self centered, conceited, but damn it I have a right to be. I am God's gift to women and your gift to wrestling. Now let me go on with my day before the sheer thought of you, your name, and your accomplishment cause induced vomiting where I won't be able to perform to my highest ability. I really can't believe that you are the biggest threat to me winning the belt, nothing but a hypocritical idiot who can't perform in the ring without having a security plan in the works.

Promo #4.2: Idiots..... idiots everywhere NdV8YfZ

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Promo #4.2: Idiots..... idiots everywhere
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